Chapter 1 – The Beginning


It was the late 80’s and Ant was following his dream with ‘China White’, a rock band with some serious talent. Writing some great tunes they rocked the North West club circuit and were close to breaking through with a recording deal when disaster struck and in 1990 the band split.

Ants love of making music never faded but remained in hibernation for the next 25 years while he raised a family. He always believing that he had unfinished business and much still to give so he kept the fire burning deep inside occasionally attempting to rekindle the flames but with little success when something incredible happened.  What may have seemed to have drawn Ant away from music eventually delivered it back to him.

It was now the summer of 2015 and a family holiday to the Greek island of Crete was planned and Lucy, best friend of Ants youngest daughter Chloe, joining them. One evening they decided to head into the local town of Hersonissos for dinner and after demolishing some pizza they headed down to the harbour for a few drinks. The sun had just set and atmosphere was buzzing with partying holiday makers sharing good times with food and drink a plenty.  Ant  & Paula had been there in previous years and would sometimes hang out in the Rock Bar, with Stathis on on DJ duties ensuring there was always a party atmosphere and some great rock music on offer, When they saw it was still there they pitched up at the bar and ordered some drinks…. 5 shots for 5 Euros……no brainer, the scene was set!

The Rock Bar offered Karaoke requests for punters happy to show off their drunken and sometimes dodgy talent and after a few shots Lucy decided to give it a go. Once she had hold of the microphone Lucy was transformed, confidently strutting her stuff and delivered a jaw dropping performance of ‘Who Knew’ by P!nk.

Having never heard the song before Ant watched in awe, feeling the passion of each note as Lucy’s accomplished  delivery of the song gave him such whopping kick up the ass that after almost 3 decades in hibernation the Ant of old was reawakened with a burning desire to make some music.

Once back home in Bedfordshire they booked a gig… with no band and no songs Ant needed to learn to play again… and fast so Lucy and Ant got to work and called on Ants good friend Lee (ex ‘China White), from Anthony’s home town Blackpool to fill in on drums. On the night they worked their way through a rough cut set and although it was far from perfect it was well received and it wasn’t long before Ant was hearing the words “when are you playing again”…”your singer was something special”. Ant was beginning to getting re-infected by the music bug so couldn’t let it stop there.

Ant dusted off some of his old kit, acquired some new recording equipment, ‘amped’ out the office in his back garden and together with Lucy started to record covers of some classic alternative pop/rock songs.  The LuminAnt project began to evolve, first adding some of Ants old songs and then co-writing some new songs together with Lucy. By the autumn that year Ant began mastering the selected tracks for the release of LuminAnts debut album Renaissance.

Ants devotion to LuminAnt was growing by the day, and after a couple of months hard work the songs were ready. Renaissance was eventually released on 9th December 2016, and has been well received with its catchy blend of alternative rock/pop, Ants crisp punchy guitar and an Lucys outstanding vocal performance making the whole album a very listenable package from start to finish.

Ant, who plays Rhythm/Lead Guitar and Bass, started learning when he was 16 and soon joined Blackpool based heavy metal band called Exocet in which he met Lee Fryer who subsequently became drummer of Ants second band where he was joined by Jon Wrennall (keyboards) and Andrea Hamilton (Vocals) to form ‘China White’ (originally named Jester).  Along the way he was supporting acts including artists such as Boz Burrel, Mick Moody, Zak Starky and Pat Travers. Whilst in China White Ant co-wrote many songs including ‘Us Together’, ‘Saturday Life’, and the other China White songs featured on the Renaissance album.

Lucy, on the other hand moved to Birmingham in September 2016 to study Creative Writing. She has always performed, in school Musicals, singing competitions as a child, and in a duo for a year and a half where she gigged in pubs and busked in streets to make money and have an excuse to harmonise with someone’s voice instead of Taylor Swift’s CD’s!

With Luce now studying at Birmingham University  what next for LuminAnt?
Chapter 1 of the LuminAnt story draws to a close but Ant already has plans for a second album, which may feature ‘guest’ artists and as well as the return of Lucy to bring some of her special magic to the party.

But not only does Ant have plans for the second album, he recognizes the importance of audio in every day life and is using his skills to launch audio book recording and podcasting services

LuminAnt Chapter 2 begins…… “Luminantics”

If you have a book that needs turning into an audio book, are interesting in podcasting or collaborative music projects and would like to work with LuminAnt then feel free to contact us: